Here Comes Washer

by Washer

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released January 22, 2016

recorded by Nick Dooley at The Barn in Panton, VT
mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in Brooklyn, NY

guitar/bass/vocals - quigley
drums - kieran

Exploding In Sound Records // ECB&B

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Washer New York

gus & quig

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Track Name: Eyelids
I nailed your picture to the backs of my eyelids
and I went on walking, hands forward with a stick
and in the daylight I’d stumble through collections of red
until crawling back slowly beside you in bed
and in the morning I’d struggle to keep my feed inside
right terrified, fear of the outside

"And lead us not into annihilation
but deliver us from rubble
for thine is the power, and the power...
forever and never, oh man” *

forever and ever, oh man.

* quote from Americana by Don DeLillo
Track Name: Hallmark
my dad would swing me on the bay all frozen over
in a basket with a rope and with my sister
steady business in a time of corporatized nostalgia
be sure the thoughts that close your throat
were never theirs but are your own

count down to a launch for me
cardboard spaceship 3 2 1 hit green
when I was a little kid
I’d sit alone and make shit up
oh god forbid
Track Name: Beansy
it’s too easy to compare yourself to anyone
and not consider all the factors that
shaped their world that were out of their hands
and circumstance

it’s a lonely road, don’t keep yourself alone
you can look around, don’t have to crack the code
if I’d only known, if I’d only known
it’s not the end result, don’t take the test
say no

in due time you’ll find out that you are your own mind
and anybody can fuck right off
if they pressure you to live your life
to the line
Track Name: Safe Place
his is a safe place
or so we like to think and say
not everyone feels comfortable
takin' a punch in the face

you can express yourself
without being violent
you can be a better person
by not keepin' silent
Track Name: Pet Rock vs. Healing Crystal
she latches onto anything
her pet rock
who can blame her
when you need a friend
who cares if it doesn’t breathe

and who are we to judge her otherwise
it’s not like we’ve got our shit together
and as long as she doesn’t hurt anyone

he latches onto anything
his healing crystal
who can blame him
when you need a savior
and every path is priced out

but who are we to judge him otherwise
it’s not like we’ve got our shit together
and as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone

it’s a tight rope to walk
to validate yourself and
not fall prey to someone's
monetary demands

in my dreams I am the queen
and everybody loves me
Track Name: Porky
got away for a long week in fall
and I know it’s you
couldn’t take it, my day-to-day
but I know I know it’s true
if you’d ask my to I would
move far away ‘cause
I hate this place when I’m not with you
it’s contagious
this fear of missing out
well fuck that I’m through
if you’d ask me to I would
Track Name: Mend
I’ve got an obsession
with distraction
quick to render a picture
from the slightest clues

this is an addiction
to self-reinforcement
quick to render a picture
from the slightest clues
I’ll believe anything I tell me

quick to render a picture
from the slightest clues
I’ll believe anything I tell me
mend the facts to fit the picture
discard the awful truths
I’ll believe anything I tell me
Track Name: This Land
I couldn’t wander any further if I tried
I’ve reached the end, the rising tide
and where you come from where you go’s the same
this land is righteous and ashamed

built on backs of shallow lies and broken pacts
it’s no wonder we’re all stoned and restless in our homes

but where you come from where you go’s the same
this land is righteous and ashamed
but we’re okay
tell yourself you’re okay
Track Name: Body
I dunno, I dunno what you need
you can touch, you can feel, but you can’t see
try to think but it’s too hard to breathe
head’s a mess and your body’s empty

stand tall, stand tall but I’m weak
every twitch is an impulse to speak
and I underestimate threats like these
your body
Track Name: Do It Yourself
I break the glass and look for water
sop it up with a rag and swallow shards
cry for help, answer: do it yourself
it never lasts, these routine hard-ons
for self-inflicted feather and tar
cry for help, answer: do it yourself

and I’ll keep riding these expectations
unsure of in whose mind the thought resides
'cause I’m not quite right
if you need to find help from anyone
well I’m not quite right

and as I choke, not from a smoke
but from the fragments in my throat
I’ll hope for comfort in strangers’ eyes
Track Name: Human
I spit, I suck, I shake
and all my bones they break
you sit, you watch, you wonder
and all the while I smile
I’m human, I am a snake
eat my fill of grave mistakes
Track Name: Group Therapy
true I cauterize my wounds and stitch them with a strong line
feel right in time digest that guilt you gather stacked high
in this daily occurrence of eventlessness
here everyone is asleep all of the time
I’d like to say I tried
Track Name: Got Drunk And Ate The Sun
once I was told
we’re as good as ghosts
that we sold our souls
for the long ride home

so when everyone
was down and drunk
I tried to eat the sun
for a short while

[come along my way
take it all
call it what you will
give yourself a break]

unhinged my jaw
I set to gnaw
felt the grease down my chin
felt the beast shudderin'

and when everyone
was good and drunk
seen what I had done
I gave a long smile
Track Name: Figure Me Out
can you figure me out?
I’ve been thinking about you
do you scream and shout?
would it split you in two?

I don’t wanna know

feel like I’m getting old
do what you’re told to do
I am bought and sold
and every trick is tried and true

I don’t wanna die

I don’t wanna die
not for fear of the unknown
I don’t wanna die
not for sins I won’t atone
I can’t tell you why
we feel release in their control
but I don’t wanna die
we’ve built each other made a home

can you figure me out?
I’ve been thinking about you